Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine

For tens of thousands of years Traditional Chinese Medicine has been the primary healing modality for China and many other East Asian countries. It is this rich empirical history that has lead to Chinese Medicine’s popularity throughout the world. Today in Australia we honour this cumulative body of knowledge and now have the added validation that our treatments are evidence based. A recent review McDonald J, Janz S. The Acupuncture Evidence Project, found that of 122 conditions reviewed, acupuncture exhibited a positive effect in 117 of these.

A Chinese Medicine practitioner may use a number of healing tools, acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, acupressure as well as diet and lifestyle advice. Chinese Medicine has a holistic understanding of the body, always striving to bring the body back to balance in order to overcome disease.

A consultation involves detailed questioning so the practitioner can form an understanding of the complaint and the patients general health. Observing the tongue and feeling the pulse in the 12 positions completes the health picture and confirms the diagnosis. Treatment is then given accordingly, each session lasting 1 hour.

Chinese Medicine can be used in adults and children for

– Digestive disorders

– Immune system disorders

– Gynaecological issues

– Infertility

– Sleep and anxiety

– Pain syndromes

– Musculoskeletal complaints

– Skin conditions

– General health and well being