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Forbrain is a headset type device that is focused on improving auditory processing, sensory integration, speech fluency pronunciation, sound discrimination, memory, reading, writing, speech and other related functions of the brain.

The Forbrain works by promoting bone conduction in the ear. Bone conduction is the vibrating of bones in the ears. These vibrations send sound to your brain for processing.
Bone conduction is able to help the brain process the sound of your own voice 10 times faster and with better clarity than air conduction.

Forbrain also has a dynamic filter which aims to constantly keep the brain challenged by enhancing the frequencies of speech.

Lastly, Forbrain assists in correcting the way you hear your voice through the auditory feedback loop which may enhance user’s attention, concentration, verbal working memory and short term memory.

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‘What is Forbrain?’ Video
‘What is Forbrain?’ Brochure


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